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Doghouse Tents warrants every tow-able recreation vehicle to the first retail consumer for a period of one (1) years from the date of the delivery. Warranty will apply when used for its intended purpose of recreational travel and camping. Parts manufactured by Doghouse are free from substantial defects in material and workmanship. This warranty begins on the date the first retail consumer purchases trailer. Warranty is non-transferable.
Doghouse warrants for a period of one (1) year (to the original owner) the structural integrity of the tent, tent floor, poles, canvas and mattress against substantial material and manufacturing defects. Doghouse will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defects during the warranty period. In the event that the tent must be returned to our facility for inspection, the owner must assume the cost and liability of freight. In some cases, we may choose to source a local repair shop in the city where the customer is located, however, only if the repair shop will guarantee the repair. All repairs done by a local repair shop must be approved in writing by Doghouse before any repairs are completed.
(1) This warranty does not apply to items added or changed or modified after the Doghouse product left the possession of Doghouse.
(2) Any Doghouse product used for commercial purposes.
(3) Normal wear and usage, such as fading or discoloration of soft goods (upholstery, screens, cushions, mattresses), fading or discoloration of wood, plastic, or fiberglass components, tarnishing of aluminum or stainless steel surfaces, powder coated surfaces, tears, punctures, soiling, mildew, effects of moisture condensation inside the vehicle, or mishandling, neglect, abuse, misuse, lightning or other acts of nature, or corrosive atmospheres which can result in rusting, oxidation or pitting.
(4) Minor imperfections, which do not affect the suitability of the vehicle for its intended use
(5) Normal and routine maintenance such as but not limited to, inspections, lubricating, adjustments, tightening of screws, tightening of lug nuts, scaling, cleaning, or damages arising from the failure to have maintenance performed or improper storage.
(6) Wheel alignment or adjustments to axles when caused by improper maintenance, loading or damage from road hazards, including off road travel, wheel damage or balancing, or damage resulting from tire failures.

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