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Installation Instructions


Dog House Root Top Tent Installation

Time needed: 90 minutes

Materials needed: Rooftop tent

Tools needed: Loctite Recommended/Wrenches Included

 Persons needed: 2


  1. Inspect the box Carefully for any Damage, Take Pictures Prior if there is any damaged prior to opening the box completely. Do not Accept any Shipment where the box is damaged unless you have inspected the tent and deemed it to have no damage, all damage must be written on the waybill, we assure you that we did not ship a damaged tent and there will be no returns on products that were damaged in shipping unless it is clearly written on the original bill of lading.
  1. Unbox the tent. (Hardshell tents will Require you to peel the Protective Film off the Cover and Base)

         Hardshell Tents can now Skip to Step 12

Lay the cardboard box down to provide a soft surface for the tent to rest on as you assembled it. You don’t want to scratch any of the surfaces of the tent.

  1. Open the tent and remove the Ladder, Hardware, Rails and Cover from inside the tent. NOTE:: DO NOT USE A KNIFE OR BOX CUTTER
  1. Lay out the parts and make sure you have everything.

After you think you’ve pulled everything out from inside of the tent, lay all the parts out so that you can compare the parts list of the install instructions to what you have in front of you.

  1. Choose which way you want to orient your tent. (Badlands or Summit Series Only)

The first decision you need to make is whether you want your tent to extend to the side of your vehicle (perpendicular with the vehicle either towards the driver or passenger) or if it is the Summit or Badlands Series, towards the rear of the vehicle (parallel with the vehicle extending over the tailgate). If you choose perpendicular, you don’t need to do anything. If you choose parallel, you need to cut the mounting tracks shorter.

  1. Install the mounting tracks.

The bottom of the tent has pre-drilled holes for the tracks. You need to take the bolt with a washer, find the hole from the inside of the tent, place the nut into the groove of the track and line it up with the hole, and then finally tighten the bolt to secure the track ( We Recommend Loctite at this point on the bolt). You need to do this for all 4 of the holes.

  1. Tighten mounting tracks down

Using your wrench, tighten the bolts from inside the tent securing the mounting tracks to the tent. This part of the assembly is 1 of the 2 steps that will keep your tent secured to your vehicle, so make sure nothing is loose. Don’t over tighten, of course. (We like to use LOCTITE Threadlocker, Medium Strength)

  1. Flip over the tent.

Now that the mounting tracks have been added to the bottom of the tent, it’s time to flip it over so we can see the top of the tent. This is necessary for the next steps.

  1. Install ladder brackets/Secure the Ladder
    This step is pretty straight-forward. Similar to the above, from the inside of the tent secure the ladder brackets to the frame of the tent where there are pre-drilled holes. Another straight-forward step, but don’t mount it backwards, Ladder warning Decals upward.


  1. Install the Cover (can be done once the tent is mounted, but is easier to do first)

We use a Velcro Cover, no more fighting with Zippers. There will be 3 Removable pieces on the cover, and one fixed end to the cover, we recommend that the fixed end of the cover is installed towards the front of the tent that will be facing the front of the vehicle, this will ensure that the wind from travel will not blow the cover open.

   11. Get ready to LIFT! (this is the Part you will require 2 People)

At this point, it’s time to get the tent onto the vehicle. The tents work with a variety of different rack systems. Before lifting, you should make sure you know which way the tent needs to go such that it will open the right way.

  1. Line tent up with your rack and slide on brackets and Bolts in the Track
  2. Secure tent brackets to rack.

Once the brackets are slid in to the mounting tracks, now you just need to tighten the bolts with the provided nuts! There are 8 bolts in total to secure. You want to tighten enough that the tent won’t move, but not so tight that the metal bends and becomes fragile. In step 7 we mentioned there were two steps to secure the tent to your vehicle, this is the second one! Push the Rubber end Caps in and your done.

  1. (HARDSHELL TENTS ONLY RECOMMENDED) Using a wrench, loosen and remove the bolts from inside the tent securing the mounting tracks to the tent (one at a time) and reinstall using LOCTITE Threadlocker, Medium Strength (Soft top tents This Is already part of the assembly So you are good. This will will keep your tent secured.
  2. (ALL TENTS)Be sure to inspect all Bolts on the tent to make sure nothing was left loose from factory, and always check your bolts from time to time as things do loosen off from time to time. 
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