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Parts $24.99

Awnings and annex Rooms $49.99

Badlands and Summit Tents $169.99

All other Tents $269.99

General Information:

All Orders are subject to product availability. If an Item is not in stock at the time you place your order, we will notify you within (10) business days.

Delivery Options:

If you are reading this you are on our Canadian Website and we only offer shipping within Canada, please visit for the USA shipping terms and agreements. Most Shipping rates are calculated at checkout unless otherwise noted. Additional Shipping fees may apply to remote areas, please contact us to discuss these situations. All Shipping offers will be to the Closest Shipping Depot of our Choice, Residential Delivery or Power Tailgate Services are not included in Shipping.


All Shipping offers will be to the Closest Shipping Depot of our Choice, Residential Delivery or Power Tailgate Services are not included in Shipping--


Please be aware that picking up at a freight terminal near you IS Standard, You can email Doghouse sales @ for assistance in locating the freight terminal nearest you, or search the web - We Typically Use Day and Ross FREIGHT terminals Outside Of British Columbia

 Benefits of picking up at a terminal:

      • If you choose the convenience of receiving the item at the freight terminal, your shipping costs will be substantially less, as they will not include residential and lift gate charges.
      • The freight company should notify you when your item arrives, however, if you have not heard anything within a couple of days after your tent has shipped, you should call the freight company's local terminal.
      • You are typically allowed 3 days in which to pick it up.
      • You may pick up your item at any time while the terminal is open.
      • The freight terminal usually has extended business hours.
      • You may take as long as you'd like to inspect the package.
    • They will help you load it!



    • Extra Charges May Apply for Residential Delivery such as: Power Tailgate, Beyond Charges and Appointment Delivery (4 Hour Window) We will Notify you of the extra Charges prior To Shipping.
    • Please consider the road and area in which the tent is being delivered. Keep in mind the road must be able to accommodate a 24-40 foot freight truck - turning around, pulling in, backing up, etc.




      • No extra Fees apply
      • The freight company will not contact you prior to delivery, no appointment will be made, and the item(s) can arrive at any time during normal business hours, typically 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.
      • When selecting a commercial address, please ensure that YOU or someone that you appoint (over 18 years and whose judgement you trust) will be available at this location at any given time during normal business hours, as someone MUST be present to inspect and sign for/accept delivery. Items will NOT be left without a signature.




 We make every effort to ensure each shipment that leaves our warehouse is 100% complete and carefully packaged to protect the product and prevent damage. Please note, freight companies WILL not pick up freight from us that has ANY evidence of damage.

You or someone that you appoint (over 18 years and whose judgement you trust and is able-bodied) MUST be present to inspect and sign for/accept delivery, as items will NOT be left without a signature accepting the freight.

It will be you or your assignee's responsibility to move it to the location of your choice, (without the assistance of the delivery driver,) so please ensure there is someone (or 2) able to move this heavy tent to a safe location. If the delivery driver provides ANY assistance beyond this, additional charges will be incurred.


Mishandling by the carriers can sometimes result in damage that we have no control over. Therefore by law you or your trusted assignee are allowed 15 minutes to inspect for product damage. Please do NOT let the driver rush you, as it is imperative that you make a thorough inspection with your allotted time! Again, the driver MAY NOT assist you.

In the unfortunate situation of having to make the heart-wrenching decision of keeping or denying your package, here are some key things to consider:

      • Call us to confirm we have a replacement in stock, as we may not be able to replace it with the exact product.
      • Is the damage simply cosmetic in nature or minimal enough that you would be satisfied with monetary compensation from the freight company, instead of waiting for a replacement to be shipped - and possibly damaged as well?
      • Please do not allow an upcoming trip to sway your decision, as a used tent is not returnable based on the damage caused by the freight company.

It is CRITICAL that you inspect all pallets and/or carton(s) thoroughly, and take photos of EVERYTHING (whether you keep the product, or choose to return or refuse it,) including but not limited to photos of the package on the truck, photos during delivery, all sides of the package, etcetera.

 Should you suspect damage, you will ONLY be able to open the box for further inspection if there is VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE PACKAGE. If there is not enough evidential damage to the exterior of the box and the driver does not allow you to open it, you MUST indicate "DAMAGE NOTED" and get an exception number from the driver! This allows you to accept the package, yet further inspect the item for concealed damage, AND keeps the option of filing a claim open with freight company.

WITHOUT THIS EXCEPTION NUMBER, A CLAIM WILL MOST LIKELY BE DENIED! If there is nothing noted on the BOL (the delivery receipt,) or if an exception number is not received, the freight company considers this a "clean" delivery and you WILL NOT be able to file a claim with the freight company. You will then own the product in the condition for which you signed for it.

 Damaged freight and original packaging MUST be available for inspection and/or salvage until the conclusion of the claim.

 It has been our experience that customers who have personally filed claims with the freight carrier have a very high success rate in being reasonably compensated for what can be cosmetic (not structural) damage. While we cannot file the claim for you, we are happy to assist you throughout the claim process as best we can.

If there are any items missing from your shipment, please note all items that are missing on the POD before the driver leaves, and contact us immediately so we may contact the carrier and have them search for the missing items.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.





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